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Canta Home Improvement

Improve Your Home. Improve Your Life.

Home Renovation and Maintenance Service

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Our team consists of professionals who are exceptional at what they do. We deliver quality work on time.

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We use the latest technologies to bring about the trending designs which are suitable for you and your family to have a great life.

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We are always there for you to support you and our team always has open ears to all your concerns.


At Canta home improvement we help you bring your dream to life. Our team is filled with experienced professionals who are determined to provide you with the best quality of work. We deal with home renovations and improvements so that you have had a better quality of life.


We Are Renovating Since 1987.
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My husband and I were looking for a team who would cost-effectively deliver us top-notch work, and we found Canta Home Improvement. Work was delivered just as promised and we did not have to go through any hectic processes.

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The quality of work provided by the team can never be compared to any other home improvement contracts. The work was finished on time, and we have no issues throughout the project.


Working with Canta Home Improvement has been a brilliant experience. Our house has never looked better, and the whole renovation process went on smoothly without any hassle.

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Home improvement concepts for your house


Open construction- remodel your porch into a comfortable place to sit down and relax by adding keeping it open and adding some colourful beach coloured décor. Add a colourful floor cover as a bonus, as a disguise to all or any the dirt that may be collected on the carpet.

Ship-themed lavatory- Add some fun into your bathroom by adding ship-themed décor and colours into it. If you would like to travel the additional mile, add a ship formed vessel or wash basin bowl. place a ship wheel on the wall and add some ship-wreck themed photos for the entire feel.

Be cautious- keep in mind to use water-friendly material on as several things within the house as potential. this can create cleanup a lot of less more durable and even offer you an additional feel of the beach. attempt exploitation rattan, wicker or bamboo items round the house for the texture.


Stick to pastel colours- stick with pastel colors like breezy blue, pink, inexperienced for a relaxed and sunny look. Imagine a couch by the window, whose curtains area unit of pastel blue with minimalistic style in white, the couch in a very mixture of pastel yellow, pink, red and blue colours with pillows stacked up and teapoy by the facet. The season look, you get from these colours provides a pleasant feel.

Antique décor- realize retro-clothing, vintage piece of furniture and ornamental items to urge a ship-wreck theme or associate degree antique theme for the house. you’ll realize many DIY tutorials on such décor.

Pay attention to the details- Add colourful knick-knacks round the house, in places like the cabinets, close to the tv set, drawers or on the tables. If you’re going with a ship-themed house, rummage around for marine souvenirs and art work for a whole look.

Add wallpapers- Add seascape or beach wallpapers to urge the entire sunny beach look to your house. If you’re going for a special theme, add wallpapers associated with that team, as wallpapers remodel the design of your house. for instance, if you’re going with a bright coloured theme, research some refined flower wallpaper.

Paintings and art work- Seascape paintings, design and images are a favourite subject for artists since an extended time. Frame a number of these images and add some paintings for a few artsy look in your house. you’ll think about fun ways in which to border the images, there’ll be many tutorials accessible on-line.

Headboards and bed décor- Add some pastel coloured breezy headboards in your room with nicely set pillows and sheets for a relaxed beachlike feel. to feature an additional bit bring tiny framed water-paintings for a minimalistic feel.

Different types of home improvement


Home improvement for the foremost half alludes to putting together ventures that modification the look of a home or modify the skin properties of home, for instance, the yard, garden, car port or construction.

Home improvement extends for the foremost half have a minimum of one among the incidental purposes:

Interior style for beautifying your house.


– Painting and decorating walls and ceilings.

– putting in ground surface, for instance, wood framing, tiling, rugs, tile, or alternative deck materials.

– Upgrading and repairing doors and windows.

– putting in new cabinetwork for kitchens and washrooms.

– Upgrading apparatuses, for instance, sinks, baths, installations for kitchens and washrooms.

Remodelling the field or yard with porches, decks, patios or arrangement.

Repair- Repairing electrical works and plumbing works.

– replacement roofs or repairing faulty roofs.

– Tending to structural and technical repairs that are cause by water harm or any natural disaster.

Comfort upgrades- putting in new or increased warming, ventilation and aerating and cooling (HVAC)

– Upgrading washrooms, music rooms and rooms with soundproofing for optimum result and potency.

Safety- -Fire framework repairs or redesigns, for instance, mechanical device frameworks, fireplace cautions, and alternative fireplace security machines.- Home prosperity redesigns, for instance, thief alerts, security doors and security windows.

– Shelter institution or set-up for assurance from tremors, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Home additions- –Adding rooms to the house or adding an additional floor to the house.

– changing unused house into usable house, for instance, ever-changing over one’s car port into a rec room.

There square measure 3 other ways to approach home improvement. The principal route is to use a general contractor United Nations agency will the styles, gets the acceptable specialists to hold out the activity, regulates the venture administration which contains designing, guaranteeing the activity is completed with efficiency and organizing with the client to ensure the activity is completed as asked.

The second selection is to use the desired tradesmen to require care of business. for example, if you would like to renovate your room, you’ll be able to contact a modeler to draw up the plans, United Nations agency would contact the event makes an attempt to try to to the essential development, and would contact the desired circuit testers, handymen and alternative tradesmen.

This second approach will work for little comes like painting a space, so forth., however is not urged for larger comes, for instance, home imporvement, room reconstruction, and so on. For expansive reconstruction occupations, it’s usually a lot of frugal to obtain a general contractor to require care of business completely.

The last selection could be a “do it yourself” approach. There square measure a number of noteworthy home improvement retailers that provide all of the materials and devices needed for self home improvement. These stores by and enormous provide instructional books that facilitate will assist you in utilizing well ordered styles on the distinctive varieties of home improvement.